Anonymous asked:

Why is green day so fucking awesome?

am-i-retarded-or-overjoyed answered:

Oh you’re asking me to write a text!! 

Well, I can’t tell you all that I think is fucking awesome on GD but here goes some things…

I could just say “watch any of their shows and interviews and you’ll know why” but I’m very inspired today.

  • They can play a music about masturbation  and the music will still be awesome and not disgusing.
  • On their gigs, they interact with people. They REALLY interact. Even if that means masturbate themselves or call someone to the stage and kiss him/her.
  • When they’re not talking about sex/masturbation, their musics inspire us (the fans or anyone else), they tell us that if you’re passing through a bad moment, everything will be alright. 
  • When Billie writes a music about himself that music makes you wanna cry or laugh your ass off.
  • You’ll never find a band funnier than Green Day.
  • BJA has a open mind. Sometimes he can be very philosophical. 
  • They’re not in a band just for money. They have passion for music and they know that their music help people.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong is the best fucking writer of the world.
  • Tré Cool plays the drums really fast! He’s awesome!
  • Mike Dirnt is the best bassist this world will ever have.
  • Green Day is not fucking Justin Bieber.





how can’t you…


love them…


so much…?



Got to love green day <3

kind of glad Billie didn’t “interact with the audience” when I saw Green Day with my mom